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Boost Flower and Fruit Growth with our Special Organic Bone Meal Fertilizer - A Must-Have for Gardening Enthusiasts!

Boost Flower and Fruit Growth with our Special Organic Bone Meal Fertilizer - A Must-Have for Gardening Enthusiasts!

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Comprehensive regulation of plant growth and development!
Strong root growth
Promote Chlorophyll synthesis
Promote flower bud differentiation

A beautiful and bountiful garden requires healthy plants. While sunlight and water are essential, so are nutrients. Just as we use vitamin supplements to help keep us healthy when we don’t eat right, plants need fertilizers to provide the nutrients they aren’t getting from unhealthy soil.

Grow Healthier and Stronger Roots Effortlessly, Quickly, And Easily!

No more trouble growing your own garden. You can take good care of your expensive plants with our Special Bone Meal, with very little effort!

With the help of this effective Special Bone Meal, you don't need to worry about the complexities of plant propagation. Ensure the regeneration of your seedlings and cuttings with this proven solution.


Enhancer the speed of the root’s growth and maintain the overall health of growing plants. The ideal solution to effectively propagate new plants!

To save you and your plants’ energy, we created the Plant Growth Enhancer Supplement with multiple roles as plant and soil-boosting compounds, it will give your plants what they crave.

Nutritionally Balanced to Satisfy A Wide Range of Plants

Widely used in melons, flowers, succulents, vegetables, fruits, home greenery, landscape plants, etc.

Effectively increase plant vigor, turf greening and growth, flower development sites, and garden yields.

Easy to Use 

Method 1: Mix it in your potting soil

Method 2: Make a ditch in a flowerpot and bury it in

Method 3: Dissolve it in water, then water or spray to the plant


Ingredients: Animal Calcium + Calcium Carbonate, Phosphorus, Rootstock, Chlorophyll

Weight: 120g

Package Includes: 1 * Special Bone Meal Organic Fertilizer



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